Screw Palm
(Pandanus spiralis)

screw palm seed

    Family: Pandanaceae
    Genus: Pandanus
    Order: Pandanales
    Species: P. spiralis
    Common Names: screw pine, pandanus palm or screw palm
    Parts Used: heart and seeds

The plant is neither a true palm, nor a pine. It is most commonly found growing along watercourses or coastal fringes and dune systems. It has spined leaves in a spiral arrangement. Wildlife including birds take advantage of the spiny leaves by living in the tree for protection. They also favour its fruit.

Other Uses:

The fibre of the leaves can be used as string for dillybags. Other uses include baskets, mats, and shelters. In addition, mashed leaves can be used to cure headaches when tied around the head. The Burarra people use the plant to make fish traps. The plant bears a large, pineapple-like fruit that turns red when ripe. Humans can extract the fruit's seeds, grinding them into flour.