Once upon a time there was a man who was so poor he was always in a bad mood, and never passed up a chance to mistreat his old dog. Kakasbal [spirit of evil], who is everywhere, saw that he could benefit from by playing on the dog's anger. And with this in mind he approached the dog.

—Oh you poor thing; why so sad? Tell me what is the matter.

—How can I not be sad when my master beats me all the time.

—I know that he is an ornery man; why don't you leave him?

—He is my master and I am loyal; I wouldn't leave him for anything.

—But your master is incapable of appreciating your loyalty.

—That does not matter, he is my master; I will remain loyal.

    But Kakasbal wouldn't let up; he harassed the dog until, just to get rid of him the dog finally said:

—OK. You have convinced me. Tell me what I should do.

—Give me your soul.

—And what will you give me in return?

—Anything you ask me for.

—I want a bone for every hair on my body.

—I agree.

    With that, Kakasbal began to count the animal's hair. But just as he was finishing, having reached the tail, the dog thought of the loyalty due his master and gave a start, causing Kakasbal to lose his place.

—Why did you move? I lost my count.

—It's these darn fleas that plague me night and day. Just start again.

    A hundred times Kakasbal began his count and a hundred times he lost it when the dog jumped.

—I give up. I will count no more. You have deceived me, but in so doing taught me an important lesson. It is harder to buy the soul of a dog than it is to buy the soul of a man.