Once upon a time, a good but unfortunate man decided to sell his soul to the devil to get himself out of his troubles. He invoked Kizin and when he had him there, face to face, he told him what he wanted. Kizin liked the idea of taking away the soul of a good man.

    In exchange for his soul the man asked for seven things: one for each day of the week. For the first day he asked for money, and straight away his pockets were filled with gold. On the second day he wanted good health, and it was granted. On the third day he was hungry and asked for food, and ate until busting. On the fourth day he asked for women and was surrounded by the most beautiful women imaginable. On the fifth day he wanted power and lived like a local ruler On the sixth day he wanted to travel and in a jiffy he visited a thousand places.

Then Kizin said to him:

—And now what do you want? Think carefully, as it is your last day.

—Now, I just want to satisfy one whim.

—Tell me, and I will grant you it.

—I want to wash these black beans here, until they turn white.

—That's easy— said Kizin

    And he began to wash the beans, but as they did not turn white he thought to himself: "This man has deceived me and I have lost a soul. So that this doesn't happen again, from now on there will be black beans, white beans, yellow beans and red beans.