Mayan Cuisine:

Just as Shamans passed their wisdom of healing and spirituality by example and oral tradition, cooking was also passed from one generation to the next in the same fashion. Traditionally, the Mayan payed respect and made offerings for everything they took from the land, so in this manner, eating was not only a means for survival, but a sacred ceremony as well.

It is impossible to say how the following recipes have changed or altered over the centuries, but to the best of my knowledge, the changes would only come from individual taste, interpretation and availability of contents.

The content of traditional recipes and what is the true origin of a recipe is also a puzzle. With the migration of people, introduction of new fruits, spices and various other influences it is very likely that ancient recipes evolved as well. Many of the recipes here are unfortunately not commonly available in many of the restaurants in Fronteras, but if you get off the beating path to some of the surrounding communities you may well find them. If you are not that adventurous but like good food, cooking and are adventurous enough to sample some Guatemalan flavor, I invite you to try some of these recipes. If you are like me in any way you will want more.

Many foods that are common worldwide originated here in Central America such as Allspice, vanilla, chocolate and many other things that are commonly taken for granted. In fact food was one of the key reasons this country has been in turmoil over exploitation.

Cochinita Pibil A bit of planning is needed to prepare this meal as you need to do some marinating and slow cooking, but it is all worth the time and effort.

Crema de Pollo Another savory dish using loroco flowers that add a subtle flavor that you will want year round but the flowers are only seasonal.

Guisado Often made like a stew with potatoes and other vegetables, this meal has a wonderful sauce that can be versatile as well as filling.

Jocon An amazing blend of cooked sesame and pumpkin seeds blended with tomatillo, garlic and cillantro which is the sauce that chicken is cooked in.

Kak'ik Kak'ik is considered by some to be the unofficial national dish of Guatemala is Kak’ik, a spicy turkey stew.

Papadzules This is a quick and easy dish suitable for a morning meal.

Buen Provecho!