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Rio Dulce, Guatemala

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I began this site solely out of my passion for nature, my new found love of Guatemala and all it has to offer in a way to share it with the world. Donations are gratefully received towards the upkeep of this website. Since I set-up this web page, I have covered the expenses just to let others know about the Rio Dulce area of Izabal and all of its amazing things, Maya culture and the wonders of Guatemala. I have not accepted any Ad requests, because I intend to keep "Our" web site as objective and up to date as possible, but with the cost of hosting, research, web design and maintenance going up, I am asking for your kind donations in order to keep Our site Up to date. If you can make a donation, I will contact you personally by e-mail to acknowledge your kind gesture.

I also love getting involved with many charities in the area like campaigns to "Stop the Violence" toy exchanges, finding funding for new roofs for schools and tuition for students to attend, local volunteer clinics that provide healthcare, shoes, nutritional foods to local villages. If you are interested in more information on any of these, PLEASE contact me or when you donate money, say where you would like to help and I will direct it that way. If you want to see more of what I've been up to "good and bad", my Facebook account is kevinontherio and you can look at my wall and albums of various events.

Special thanks to Linda Honer who donated to keep Did You See That? online until next year in 2013!

Donations can be made securely and confidentially via Credit or Debit card through PayPal. Once the site has opened you will be invited to enter an amount for donation and click 'Update Totals'. You will then be able to enter your card details to complete your donation. THANK YOU!