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What is there to do around Rio Dulce?
Local Hotels
Local Day Trips
Castillo San Felipe
Boqueron Canyon
Finca Paraiso
Las Escobas
Quirigua Ruins
Bocas del Polochic
Las Conchas Falls

Tour books like Lonely Planet provide you a small amount of information of some incredible places in this area. Unfortunately, many people are rushed out of town by launchero's looking for commissions from distant hotels in remote places when you get off the bus or you may plan your schedules and budgets according to the books and miss out on gems of the area that are beyond belief. This page contains things to do here so you will know what is available and will provide memories for a lifetime.

There are other tours and things to dos that are not yet listed here because I am still collecting pictures and information to better describe them such as Ak Tenamet ( On the way to Livingston where you can spend the night), an amazing local fish and shrimp farm, inner-tube trips, bird watching tours by a local specialist, you can go horseback riding, sailing, and many others!

Day and half-Day Trips

Finca Paraiso Located thirty minutes from Rio Dulce and just above the largest lake in Guatemala (Lake Izabal) lies a place of enchantment. Finca Paraiso, translating to Paradise Ranch is a family operated paradise! There is lodging, restaurants, facilities for camping and ALL the ingredients for a memorable experience!

Castillo San Felipe If you arrive in town mid-day and still have some energy after a long bus trip. Castillo San Felipe is a quick trip well worth seeing. Built by the Spaniards in the 1600's, this castle was used primarily to capture pirate ships entering Lago Izabal. There is a swimming pool to relax in after you explore the castle which is in a beautiful park. Or there is also a swimming area delegated at the mouth of Lago Izabal if you want to just get a taste of the clean natural water in the area.

Boqueron Canyon is a tour we offer and both places are listed in Lonely Planet and other brochures. If you have time and a lot of patience, you can do both of these tours on your own. Separately on your own they are individual day trips or with us you can do both without any worries. Click on the image to the left for more pictures and information. Once again prices will vary according to what you want and how you want to get there.

Livingston You also have options on this tour. You can ride to Livingston with the Collectivo and they will provide you a quick tour of the canyon on the way to Livingston but you will miss several other amazing options. There are existing projects not included in the Collectivo's trip and private homes that you can visit along the way that are in no books but well worth the time and effort to see. There are no pictures that do this trip justice.

Ak' Tenamit The Ak 'Tenamit project is a Guatemalan NGO working since 1992 in sustainable development and integrated more than 30 communities Maya-Q'eqchi' area of ??the Rio Dulce National Park, benefiting more than 8,000 people. The focus of this community are: health, education, community development, sustainable agriculture, handicrafts and ecotourism, all which are based on gender equity, respect for nature and the identity and Maya cosmology.

Las Escobas Preserved, protected and maintained by FUNDAECO, "Las Escobas" is located just a short 20-minute ride from San Tomas de Castilla Port. Las Escobas River flows from the top of Cerro San Gil down to the Amatique Bay, thus is the provider of clean, clear and drinkable water to local communities.

Quirigua stelae Monoliths These huge stone monolithic sculptures, weighing up to 65 tons, were artfully carved without the benefit of metal tools. Stone chisels, driven by other stones or wooden mallets, were the only tools available; and yet the Mayan sculptors achieved not only a high level of artistry, but also a remarkable degree of naturalism and refined detail. Most of the monuments face north, allowing the early morning sun to highlight the relief of the carvings. Our price for this tour includes your entry fee to the park, guide, transportation, lunch and return to Rio Dulce. Quirigua is about a 45 minute drive from Rio Dulce in private transportation.

El Refugio Bocas del Polochic Do you want to see animals? Experience Guatemala's natural history before the nickel mines inpact destroys it! Polochic is the remaining home for many endangered species like manatees, toucan, Central American river otter and American Crocodile. Your best chance of seeing many animals in their natural habitat.

Spend the night in El Estor because we leave EARLY to get the best view of many of these animals. Click on the Manatees for more information.

Los Conchas Approximately one hour trip north of Rio Dulce. Turn left at the fork in Cadenas for this beautiful place.

The driest times are between February and May as the pictures will show. Click on the picture to see more.